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Locations: Road Harbor
Highlights: Lobster Dinner, Nice Beach & Pet Remora’s

Description of Highlights:
•Lobster Dinner – Joe and his abilities to provide……….13 lobsters and two groupers!! Yummm


•Nice beach – Easy swim from the boat and a great place to find coconuts in the trees and play some Frisbee and speedmitton. A nice relaxing weekend to end our time in the Caribbean.


•Pet Remora’s – Four or Five (2-3ft) Remoras decided they wanted to hang out under the boat. It was fun to feed them unless you were taking a swim and your husband was baiting them up to swim around you. I might add they look a little like sharks!!!!!!!!!


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St. Marten / St. Marteen

Locations: Marigot Bay
Highlights: Night Sail/Drift from Saba, Orient Beach, Cupecoy Beach

Description of Highlights:
•Night Sail/Drift from Saba – No wind, No motor, 24 nautical miles = 19 hours of sailing! An interesting spin on the whole “learning how to sail” aspect of our trip. I was on my watch and a dolphin was swimming quietly by the boat, had there been any wind I would not have heard it breathing! On the morning watch we caught a Maui Maui and had a scrumptious lunch and dinner.


•Orient Beach – Several miles of food, drinks and great people watching. I might add that this is on the French side of the island so individuals are free to be themselves!


•Cupecoy Beach – A secluded area and beautiful beaches. We bought some food at a local grocery store and had a wonderful picnic on the beach!


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Locations: Wells Bay & Ladder Bay
Highlights: Beaching the Dinghy on Rocky Shore, Island Tour, Snorkeling

Description of Highlights:
•Beaching the Dinghy on Rocky Shore – The large swells made this task seem quite intimidating, it was wet and rough landing. The entire Island is sheer cliffs so no matter where we tried to go ashore we would have had the same dilemma. On the way back out, we had to swim the dinghy past the breakers in order to avoid injury.


•Island Tour – Steep roads and picturesque villages made this tour really enchanting and the strenuous hike to the cloud forest led to amazing views.


•Snorkeling - The first time saw a shark on this trip! Turtles and fish were abundant and there were large caves which you could swim through. Someone spotted a shark on every snorkel excursion.


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St. Eustatius (Statia)

Locations: Fort Bay
Highlights: Wild Macaws, Submerged City Ruins, Volcano Crater Hike, Clear Water

Description of Highlights:
•Wild Macaws - Several wild macaws flew back and forth along the shoreline daily, often purching on the fort walls, giving a really authentic feel to this once pirate haven!


•Submerged City Ruins – 1700s merchant city submerged just off of the shore. Made for great snorkeling because of all the different species of fish and artifacts (Cannons, etc.)

•Volcano Crater Hike – Nature trail up a volcano and into the dormant crater. Lots of Chickens, Iguana, Snakes and Giant Trees.


•Clear Water – The water clarity was amazing close to shore (about 15ft) we could see the shadow of the boat on the bottom of the sea floor during a full moon!


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Nevis & St. Kitts

Locations: Charleston & Qualie Beach (Nevis), Shitten Bay, South Friars Bay & Basseterre (St. Kitts)
Highlights: Flying Gurnards, Hiking & Old Plantation Ruins, 3rd Maui Maui catch, Beach Activities/Sports


Description of Highlights:
•Flying gurnards – When we arrived at Charleston and jumped in for a swim there were several of these fish on the ocean bottom and because the water was so clear we could see them and all of their beautiful colors. This fish is so unique because it combs the sand for food and to scare off it predators it expands huge fins that look like butterfly wings….not sure how scientific that explanation is but you can always Google it to find out more!

•Hiking & Old Plantation Ruins – We set out for a hike with the visitors map which looked like it would be very clearly marked trails….think again, it looked like it was kept up at one time but when we hiked it was like being in Del Rio or Nixon, Texas with all of the Huisache and prickly plants. At least it reminded us of home the big difference being it is an Island and that there are wild monkeys running all over, you don’t find that at home!


•3rd Maui Maui Catch – The biggest yet 25lbs bull Maui Maui. So much meat and we did a really good job of not letting much of it go to waste.

•Beach Activities/sports – Volleyball and a new game for us, Speedmitton. We had a fun time enjoying being active and on land versus the boat. We saw a large number of Monkeys and Mongoose outside the “Shipwreck” restaurant. We had lobster for lunch, again provided by the sea!


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