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Locations: Little Bay, West Side of Island
Highlights: 2nd Maui Maui Catch, Rose Plums, Volcano Destruction

Description of Highlights:
•2nd Maui Maui Catch – This fish was even larger than the first one, it weighed in at 22lbs and we caught it while sailing from Jolly Harbour, Antigua to Little bay, Montserrat. There was fish everywhere but we had more than enough with this one and so we shared our catch with two neighboring boats.


•Rose Plums – We discovered this delightful fruit on our Island tour. It taste like a rose smells but has the texture of a pear/plum. Very yummy and something we hope we can find again once back home.

•Volcano Destruction - Montserrat was once a thriving tourist destination but was recently affected by several major eruptions from the Volcano. The town of Plymouth suffered the most devastation and has been closed since 1995. It was really incredible to see how much damage a volcano can cause. Our guide told us that most of the still abandoned homes have cars in the garages and furnishings in the house.


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Antigua & Barbuda

Locations: English Harbour, Falmouth Harbour, Deep Bay, Great Bird Island & Jolly Harbour (Antigua), Coco Point, Low Bay & Codrington (Barbuda)
Highlights: Whale & Dolphin spotting, Historic English Harbour, Yachts, Coconut & Fruit Gathering, Lobster & Macaroni and Cheese, Conch Catching/Cleaning, Maui Maui Catch, Best Beach Ever, Frigate Bird Tour

Description of Highlights:
•Whale & Dolphin Spotting – My watch (Joe) began at 5am, as dawn began to break I put out the fishing lines and noticed two dolphins swimming off the port side. To the west the Island of Montserrat was lit up by the rising sun and two whales breached the surface several times.

•Historic English Harbour – We sailed into English Harbour and were amazed to see all the beautifully preserved buildings. It was a quaint harbor with many ships and lots of history.


•Yachts – While anchored in English & Falmouth Harbour we saw so many amazing Super Yachts. Probably the most impressive was the “Maltese Falcon,” a $130million dollar sail boat…..if you can call it that as it is so big and advanced that you can run it with the push of a button.

•Coconut & Fruit Gathering – Joe & Emil rowed (Dinghy engine decided not to work) to an abandoned part of Falmouth Harbour and gathered up Coconuts (Green & Brown), Mangos & a Papaya! We all took turns learning how to properly open the coconuts and are now all well versed with using the Machete!


•Lobster & Macaroni and Cheese – The Swedes had never had Mac & Cheese so we decided that we should make it a first class dinner and enjoy it with 8 lobster tails that Joe caught fresh in Deep bay. Another almost free meal!

•Conch Catching/Cleaning – The sea continued to provide food for our enjoyment and we gathered and cleaned 8 conchs. The gathering was really simple but I cannot say the same for the cleaning. It was extremely time consuming and really messy….think of a giant snail and all of the slime.

•Maui Maui Catch – Our first edible catch of the trip! We finally landed this 20lb beauty on our crossing from Great Bird Island over to Coco Point, Barbuda. We had Maui four ways (Sashimi, Baked, Ceviche & Dried) not bad for no refrigeration!


•Best Beach Ever – Coco Point was about 7 miles of white sand and no people. The sand was so fine it was almost like powdered sugar. We couldn’t get over how nice it felt to walk on and spent a lot of time enjoying such a rare find.


•Frigate Bird Tour – This tour was second only to the Galapagos Island in the sheer number of birds. There were thousands and it was really interesting to see the mating rituals and the baby birds.

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Iles Des Saintes (The Saints) & Guadalupe

Trip Note: We left Dominica aboard S/Y Allie, a Swedish sailing vessel that included a group of three young sailors from Sweden. Sven & Emil (twins) & Johan.
Locations: Terre D’en Haut & Ilet A Cabrit (The Saints), Pigeon Island & Deshaies (Guadalupe)
Highlights: French Cheese and European Style village, Lobster Dinner, Volcano, Fort Tour, Night Sail


Description of Highlights:
•French Cheese – As the Saints are a French ruled island, they had a great variety and selection of imported cheese! We bought some Camembert and Baguettes to enjoy on the boat!

•European Style village – This charming town was a nice change from the underdeveloped countries and locations we had visited before. It was very clean and kept up really nicely which was a nice change of pace.

•Lobster Dinner – Joe and his spearfishing landed us a nice Lobster dinner, everyone on board was extremely grateful and happy to have a free meal!


•Volcano – Once in Guadalupe we rented a car and drove to the Volcano, “La Soufriere.” We hiked to the top of the Active Volcano what made the hike even more interesting was the fact that all three of the Swedes were hiking in flip flops and then barefoot. All of the French patrons were commenting in French that they were crazy and that the terrain was too rough for bare feet. They made it all the way up and back down with no shoes…Crazy! Another funny fact is that Joe was hiking with two French Baguettes for our picnic lunch at the top of the Volcano (Baguettes, French Cheese & Lunch meat). The only thing missing was the wine!


•Fort Tour – We visited Fort Louis Delgies, and it was huge. The French government came through again and didn’t charge us a penny for the visit. They also provided us with color and English copies of the map.

•Night Sail – Departed Deshaies at 10pm and worked in 2hr shift manning the helm. The moon was full and it was so bright it was almost like sailing during the day. Joe and I were very impressed with all of the safety and precautionary measures the crew took to ensure a safe passage. I took the first shift and had some supervision until everyone went to bed. Once off of my shift it took a little effort to relax and get used to sleeping while underway.

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Locations: Entire Island
Highlights: Coral, River Tubing, Waterfalls & Hot Springs, Titou Gorge, Champagne Snorkel, Reggae Party with Russians & Swedes

Description of Highlights:
•Coral – A very special and memorable woman whom we rented an apartment from, in Calabishe, while we stayed on the Island. Although she may be up there in years she has the spirit of an 18 year old! She is originally from Wales and decided to retire in Paradise.

•River Tubing – Coral invited us to go with her and some locals on a Jungle style river tube. It really compared to our tubing in Texas but had fancier tubes and more jungle.


•Waterfalls & Hot Springs – This Island is described as “the Nature Island” for good reason. It is full of rivers, waterfalls and hot springs. We reluctantly hired a local guide to show us around for a day and boy did it turn out to be worth the money. I think we hiked to seven waterfalls that day, some as high as 300ft. It was exciting to hike to these remote places and swim in the pools at the base of the falls. We also spent several days on our own finding other waterfalls and exploring.


•Titou Gorge – A natural canyon with fresh water cutting through its caverns. The water was crystal clear and very refreshing! A nice swim through ended up at a small waterfall and was very unique.


•Champagne Snorkel – Volcanic activity on Dominica creates hot springs and boiling lakes on land and bubbling springs on the ocean floor of which you can swim through. It was really cool to see the springs in the ocean versus the river and neat to swim in a “sea of Champagne!”

•Reggae Party with Russians & Swedes – Many Caribbean Islands are known for Reggae parties and Dominica was definitely a part of this tradition. What made this typical island get together more interesting was all of the Russian sailors that were having a vacation/regatta on the island. It was also at one of these parties that we met our Sailing friends, the Swedes, whom would be our ride through the Caribbean.

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Puerto Rico

Locations: San Juan
Highlights: Hotel Stay

Description of Highlights:
•Hotel Stay – We had a one night layover in Puerto Rico so I used my rewards points to book us a night at the Embassy Suites. It was so nice to have modern amenities including hot water, good internet and a pool! Even though it was only one night we both left there feeling so rejuvenated and ready for Dominica!


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