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Locations: Vilnius & Trakai
Highlights: (Vilnius) Beautiful Churches, Genocide /KGB Museum, (Trakai) Island Castle, Swan & Spa

Description of Highlights:
•Beautiful Churches – The largest “Old Town” in Europe, numerous beautiful churches and other great architecture found as you meander down windy cobblestone paths.


•Genocide/KGB Museum – A complete history of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. Very detailed accounts of cruel and unusual punishment and other misdeeds conducted by the KGB.

•Island Castle – This castle is set in the middle of five lakes and is picture perfect when you envision a fairy tale! You can rent boats and paddle around the lakes and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the castle and surrounding woods.


•Swan – We met a friendly swan while having a dinner picnic on a boat dock. She really liked bread and didn’t want us to stop feeding her!


•Spa - We found a great package deal at a local resort and spa. In addition to having many relaxing treatments we also got to enjoy the use of the resorts indoor waterpark. The park had slides, saunas, hot tubs and everything else you could want inside and out of the cold!


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Locations: Riga
Highlights: Old Town Hostel, Opera, Ballet, Markets

Description of Highlights:
•Old Town Hostel – Walked off the bus and into a group of new friends. This hostel was so warm and welcoming and had a very convenient location to the city.


•Opera – We got tickets to see “The Barber of Sevielle” the tickets were only about $5.00 each!


•Ballet – Because of the affordability of tickets and close proximity of our hostel we decided to indulge in another evening of art and entertainment. The ballet performance was “A Midsummers Night Dream.” After the ballet we attended a Latvian house party…..not your typical tourist attraction!

•Markets – Riga boasts some of the largest and most unique markets in the world. You can purchase fish, fruit, guns and anything in between. Most of the markets were all in Zepplin hangers that were used during the Nazi occupation.


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Locations: Tallinn & Tartu
Highlights: (Tallinn) Beautiful Old Town, Museum of Occupation, Moose Pies & Soup & (Tartu) Gunpowder Cellar Restaurant, Park & River

Description of Highlights:
•Beautiful Old Town – Disney like medieval city, beautiful and charming castle/cobblestone passageways and buildings.



•Museum of Occupation – Learning the history of the Countries struggle with German & Soviet occupation. Researching Joe’s family history and learning more about the people of the country.


•Moose Pies & Soup – Enjoying very authentic medieval cuisine in an equally authentic setting!


•Gunpowder Cellar Restaurant – Eating dinner at a 16th century gunpowder cellar, converted now into a very scenic and quality pub. Amazing food complete with Barmaids serving it up!

•Park & River – Tartu is similar to San Marcos in that it has a large park area with a river running through it and the local university students soaking up the sun!


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Locations: Helsinki
Highlights: Staying at the Olympic Stadium, Finnish Sauna, Ferry ride across Baltic Sea to Tallinn, Estonia

Description of Highlights:
•Staying at the Olympic Stadium – Our hostel was the old athletic quarters from when the Olympics were held in Helsinki.


•Finnish Sauna – A traditional wood burning sauna, complete with breaks sitting outside in the cold watching people go by while you are in nothing but a towel!


•Ferry Ride across Baltic Sea to Tallinn, Estonia – We got tickets on the Eckero Line (A small cruise ship) and watched drunk Finnish people dance and have a good time at 9am. Brown, Cold water…….we aren’t in the Caribbean anymore!


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Locations: Miami
Highlights: Shopping, Sleeping in a Real Bed

Description of Highlights:
•Shopping - Replacing worn Caribbean duds for some warmer European clothes and shoes! Stocking up on all of the other essentials we Americans need. Eastern Europe Lonely planet guide book.

•Sleeping in a Real Bed – After a month and a half of sleeping in a tiny bunk onboard Allie it was a nice change to have a king size bed and a bathroom with a door!

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