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Locations: Munich,
Highlights: First Couch Surfing experience, Longest trek so far with all our gear

Description of Highlights:
First Couch Surfing Experience – The couch surfing web site is a great way to find a free home stays with friendly locals in locations all over the world. We were hosted by an American named Christian who works in Munich, he shares a love for spearfishing and other water related activities.


Longest trek so far with all our gear – We started the day believing that we were headed west from Munich towards Baden Baden Germany, however plans changed so we walk about 3 miles with all our bags from the train station back into the center of Munich to our hostel. Saw famous sites along the way and got some unexpected exercise.


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Locations: Eger, Budapest
Highlights: Valley of the Beautiful Women (Eger), City of Friendly people & Amazing Architecture (Budapest)

Description of Highlights:
Valley of the Beautiful Women (Eger) – Cool wine valley with about one hundred quaint cellars carved into the hills. There is a historical legend about the areas famous wine “Bulls Blood” (See Wikipedia) Very affordable wine prices and the option to fill your own container. The locals were carrying gas can type containers full of wine!


City of Friendly people & Amazing Architecture (Budapest) – We encountered many friendly and very helpful locals and travellers in this city. We stayed on the “Pest” side of the city as the “Buda” side is on the other side of the Danube River. I bet you didn’t know that it was two places!!! The architecture and historical buildings were quite spectacular and if you didn’t look up while walking the streets you would miss the most amazing features of the city!


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Locations: Vienna (Appears to be a beautiful city but only were in town less than 24 hours)
Highlights: A ride on the autobahn through the Bavarian Alps with a Ride Share

Description of Highlights:
Bavarian Alps ride share – Received a tip from a German about a ride share website, we took advantage in order to save money and got a private ride through the Bavarian Alps on the way to Munich as well as some valuable information.


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Locations: Zdiar
Highlights: Tatra Mountains, Horseback riding, Great Hostel

Description of Highlights:
Tatra Mountains – Beautiful and scenic mountain range where the air was not spoiled by pollution from crowded city. It was good to see our first vast mountain range in Europe!


Horseback riding – Riding English style through the hills of the Tatra Mountains. Very fun and a great way to experience the amazing views of the mountains.


Great Hostel – We stayed at a small hostel in the village of Zdiar. This hostel had a way of really pulling you in and making you feel at home. It was really cozy and there wasn’t too much to do other than relax and visit with the other people staying there! A nice change from being in the busy city.


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Locations: Krakow
Highlights: Student Spring Festival, Holocaust History

Description of Highlights:
Student Spring Festival – Thousands of uniquely dressed students celebrating the end of the semester with a parade and concert ending in the largest old town square in Europe, also home to the oldest shopping mall in the world! We enjoyed the many festival vendors including authentic Polish Sausage and Handmade Artisan grilled cheese. We also found a local jewelry designer and bought our Eastern European wedding rings. Made by hammer and anvil on the spot!



Holocaust History – Stayed in what was once the old Jewish district before the Holocaust, including being in close proximity to Schindler’s Factory, therefore we decided to stay in and watch the Steven Spielberg movie, Schindler’s List. Then next morning we caught a bus out to visit Auschwitz concentration camp. Very sad part of our trip but an educational part of history for the world and the area in which we are travelling.


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